The Rexel Foundation is supporting the training of tomorrow’s innovators

We have no choice but to be innovative to take up the challenges posed by both ever-increasing demand and vital environmental considerations. This is particularly true regarding electrical equipment, whether we are looking to optimize existing processes or to create new technologies that are more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Training in energy-related activities

But innovation cannot be decreed. Apart from an attractive regulatory and fiscal environment and sufficient dedicated budgets, it requires bold and enterprising professionals. To achieve this, it is important to encourage people in their careers by supporting training, and particularly the under 25s as they the ones who will bring forward tomorrow’s ideas. Supported by the Rexel Foundation, a number of schools, universities or associations in various countries are training young (and sometimes not so young) people in order to promote their employment. Since its creation, the Rexel Foundation has supported the Taiyuan Vocational School in Shanxi Province (China) with the support of the Guangha Foundation. The mission was completed in two years, during which 300 disadvantaged students received training in energy-related professions and two laboratories were equipped. The success of this initial experiment will favor the continuation and extension of this type of activity.

Financial and human support from the Rexel Foundation

The Rexel Foundation supported various projects in several countries. In Vietnam, where the high rate of unemployment among young people had come at a time when companies were struggling to find the skilled people they needed, the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) expanded training for technicians specializing in subjects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, in cooperation with local bodies. Developed as part of the Seeds of Hope programme, this initiative seek to train 900 young technicians, including 500 in the energy field. We should stress that the Rexel Foundation did not limit itself to simply financing this program: it also offered skill-based sponsorship activities with volunteer staff. A great way to move forward together. In Thailand, the Rexel Foundation joined forces with the Ministry of Employment as part of a five-year program to develop vocational training in the electrical sectors. The objective was to train 300 young people a year in automation and to provide vocational training centres with educational kits enabling them to continue their missions independently.

Encouraging self-entrepreneurship

In India, the so-called Green Village project in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) offers additional vocational training for young people who have already acquired some work experience. As part of this framework, the Rexel Foundation is supporting the LP4Y association, which, working with different local training centres, does everything possible to give this disadvantaged section of the population some experience of the working world and to promote the creation of companies, particularly in the sustainable development field. The aim of the village is to ensure its energy independence using renewable energy, in particular to make young people more aware of the need to respect and protect the environment. 720 young people will be trained over a three-year period with the creation of 18 micro-enterprises. The LP4Y association is also active in Europe (France, Luxembourg and Belgium), where it runs educational programmes based on entrepreneurship with young people from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, with the aim of facilitating their integration.