As a global leader in the professional distribution of products and services for the energy world, the Rexel Group commissions surveys to improve our understanding of the needs of our key stakeholders and raise consumer awareness of energy efficiency.

2013 Energy efficiency survey – Rexel Foundation – OpinionWay

Conducted in April 2013 across four countries (France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom), this global study was based on a sample of 403 electricians and installers and 8,201 consumers. The objectives were:

  • To better understand where energy end users and those in contact with them stand on energy efficiency deployment
  • To overview differences in various countries in perception of consumers & electricians / installers on energy transition & energy efficiency

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2011 International survey – Rexel – Harris Interactive

Energy efficiency aims to reduce energy consumption without deteriorating the level of service and therefore reduce economic, ecological and social costs.

Professionals in this field are very familiar with the issue, but how do French, English, German and American citizens perceive energy efficiency? How do they go about saving energy in their households? Are they prepared to make sacrifices and change their habits?

Rexel, called on Harris Interactive to ask a representative population of these 4 countries for their answers to these key questions.

The results of the survey reveal that, for most people, energy efficiency is important and requires action. Consumers consider themselves responsible for electrical efficiency and its promotion. They have already adopted many new habits and select fittings according to their energy consumption. The issue of energy efficiency also appears to be inextricably linked to financial considerations. Consumers are keen to invest in order to reduce their electricity bills as long as they can measure the impact and see the return on their investment.

* Survey administered on line between 9 and 19 July 2011. Representative samples of 4,000 people from each of the 4 countries filled in the survey via the Harris Interactive access panel. Representative samples: 1,000 people in France, 1,000 people in Germany, 1,000 people in Great Britain and 1,000 people in the USA. Quotas and readjustments were applied to the following variables: sex, age and profession of the person interviewed.

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