Rexel Headquarters becomes the flagship for the Energeasy Connect Brand campaign

Through this new campaign, Rexel paid tribute to its installer partners and highlighted its smart home solution: Energeasy Connect.

In the fall of 2018, Rexel launched an innovative and creative campaign for its home automation solution Energeasy connect. The campaign was spearheaded by a 5,400 square foot billboard covering a part of the façade of the Group’s headquarters in Paris.

Visible from the busiest section of the Périphérique Boulevard (Paris’ ringroad), and from the train line connecting the two most important business centres, the billboard was the central part of a colorful social network and online media campaign.

With the dual objective of increasing brand awareness among end users and promoting Energeasy Connect, Rexel positioned itself as a key player in the fast-growing smart home market.

Using an offbeat and creative tone, the Group shared more than twenty messages across social networks and other online media outlets. These messages humorously described the different ways to use the Energeasy Connect solution and the daily gain in comfort. Not to mention messages addressed to its traditional partners: the installers, true ambassadors of the solution.


The campaign generated 40 million digital impressions, garnered more than 4,000 new followers on social networks and elicited a significant increase in traffic to the newly launched Energeasy Connect website. The campaign therefore demonstrated the public’s interest in the solution.

Rexel innovates through its offer of solutions, software and applications, but also through the communication channels it utilizes. And through this campaign, Rexel succeeded in addressing both its traditional clients as well as a wider consumer audience, to affirming its role as a key player in the growing market of smart objects.

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